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  Enterprise mission: dedicate energy saving products and build beautiful China

  Enterprise vision: continuously provide the society with energy saving,

  The concept of enterprise development, have both ability and political integrity, as good as gold

  Harmonious development, co - creation and win-win

  The talent view of the enterprise: both virtue and talent, create a win-win situation

  Product quality concept: product is human product, quality is life

  Good quality, pursuit of excellence

  Business time: time is money, efficiency is life

Jiangsu Hengyi Transformer Co. Ltd.  Fax:+86-0516-83251133  phone:15695162990
Free phone:4006-1255-19  Tel:0516-83252111/0516-83250333  Add:No.36 Gaoxin Rd. Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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