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After-sales service technical service commitment

One, of the products sold, in the warranty period, if appear due to product quality problems caused by the company, is responsible for free repair, replacement and return.

For other reasons, the company actively assists the users to solve the problem in order to ensure the timely delivery of the products and minimize the loss of the accident.

Two, the installation, debugging, and on-site technical service of the large equipment, the company will be led by the deputy chief engineer to the service to solve the various problems of the users。

Three, the company is responsible for handling if there is leakage after the installation of the product。

Four, establish product user files, regular quality tracking, continuous improvement。

Five。 Cooperate with the user to improve the operation and maintenance of the transformer。

Six, adhere to the principle of "quality first and user foremost", reply within 2-4 hours after receiving user notification, and arrive in time within 6-72 hours。

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