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Intelligent combined box change

The product meets the standard of GB/T17467-1998, the parameters are IEC1330-1995 standard, and the requirement of JB/T10217 "combined transformer" is partly referred to the standard of mechanical industry. The product has the characteristics of strong output, low noise, low loss, small size, compact structure, flexible installation, safety and reliability.

Combined type transformer load switch used by the U.S. guper company products, terminal type variable load switch rated current is 300A, the thermal stability of current 12.5kA/2S, 31.5kA dynamic current, short-circuit current withstand voltage 31.5kA, 42kV, impulse voltage 75kV, load operation times 100 times, more than 2000 times of mechanical operation. Ring type variable load switch rated current is 600A, the thermal stability of current 16kA/2S, 40kA dynamic current, short-circuit current of 40kA, power frequency withstand voltage 42kV, impulse withstand voltage 75kV, load operation 100 times. The mechanical operation of more than 2000 times.

Insert the fuse and backup fuse by American guper company's products, the fuse specifications in accordance with the standard requirements, such as the 400kVA group changed UNIKA fuse selection B-O-N-40A, 500kVA group of variable selection B-O-N-50A, 630kVA group of variable selection B-O-N-65A, 800kVA group by B-O-N-80A.

Low voltage part combined transformer according to the user of a program graph configuration, the main switch selection of OETL disconnector ABB import company, branch switch S5N circuit breaker with Beijing ABB, capacitor automatic compensation in accordance with the user specified on drawing capacity, packet switching using CJ19 contactor.

The combined transformer uses a fully sealed S11 energy saving transformer, and its no-load loss is lower than the level of SB10 type oil change. High pressure is 10 + 2 x 2.5%kV, and low pressure is 400V/230V.

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